Friction welded drill pipes manufactured by the F.G.S. DRILL are the result of a continuous research for materials that better fit the required mechanical characteristics for torsional stress, tensile strength and elongation.
F.G.S.drill has two friction welding machines that friction pipes from diam 42mm up to diam 152mm.

Tubes used for vertical drilling are seamless in steel grade N80, while the ones used in directional drilling are in steel grade 42CrMo4, according to EN 10297-1. Tool joints are produced starting from 42CrMo4 steel bars, hardened and tempered to reach 285-320 Brinell hardness, and tested with ultrasonic inspection


Tool joints are manufactured with CNC tools machines, with threads according to customers’ requirement, and subjected to a nitriding treatment. By implementing this process, galling is virtually eliminated. There is reduced damage from handling, make-up and break-out is easier, and the service life of the casing is extended. This treatment is performed in the F.G.S. Drill’s furnace. This completely in-house production process gives F.G.S. Drill the possibility to maintain it under constant control and to assure a total quality of the final product.